, an enterprising venture established by enthusiastic engineers, is proud of the engineering excellence it brings to the fore. Our chosen field of engineering is solely determined by our ability to be the most competitive, ensuring that the service, quality measures and the methodologies adapted set bench marks for other engineering based businesses to be run.

A pro-randomness philosophy adapted in establishing this emerging company, continually challenges the doctrines of nonconformity. Our processes develop from reforming conventional principles, while harmonizing chaotic strata of businesses to build a cult of systemization that pervades productivity.

Our combination of continually developing existing processes, engineering principles and redesigning strategies to offer globally competitive prices and solutions ensures the success of ACDS at delivering our customers' needs. Valued by our customers for our knowledge, service and value, we successfully deliver projects across a broad range of industrial sectors.

Proud to focus on social and environmental responsibilities, ACDS is passionate about its relationships within the business and the wider community.